A Todo App: Take Back Control Of Your Life



TO.DAY is an iOS app made for procrastinators to help them get things done. You gain coins when you complete a task, then you can donate the coins to a charity of your choice.

Scope: UX design, Visual Design, UX Research

Role: I was the sole designer on the team, which was an exciting challenge.

Country: Egypt

The Process

Research Plan (PDF Here)


I was interested in knowing more about how adult procrastinators use to-do apps and whether the gratification factor is related to procrastination so I interviewed 2 adult procrastinators to know their needs and pain points as well as surveyed 10 people on social media to dig deeper into the subject.

Research questions:

  • [Behaviours] How do adults procrastinators use to-do apps?

  • [Needs] What features do they need in the app that might help them procrastinate less?


Methods & Key Findings

Key Findings:

  1. All participants procrastinate on open-ended assignments. They don't feel the urge to complete a task whose reward they cannot reap right after the task accomplishing.

  2. Participants were less likely to procrastinate on items that had a deadline and a reward. Even if they did procrastinate, they were almost always able to get back on track and finish the task before the deadline.


Adult procrastinators tend to procrastinate a lot more on items related to big open-ended projects. Also, major to-do apps in the market fail to emphasize the reward factor of completing an open-ended task.

Affinity Map For The Interviews & Survey

Defining The Problem

Problem Statement

Procrastinators tend to put off tasks that are open-ended with no clear deadline or instant reward. By inducing an artificial sense of urgency and a reward factor to daily open-ended tasks, we hope to help the users clear more tasks everyday.

How might we succeed

We were aiming for a daily active users (DAU)/Monthly active users (MAU) ratio of 20% or more.

How might we fail

Failing would mean missing the daily active users (DAU)/Monthly active users (MAU) ratio target by creating an app that does not satisfy our users' actual needs (To have a sense of urgency and an instant reward when completing a task).

Visual Design

Key Learning & Next Steps:

  • Microcopy matters a lot! One word can increase the success rate of a certain flow by a hefty amount. "Microcopy, the complete guide" is a book that helped me plenty in this journey.

The MVP will enter the development phase soon. Meanwhile, I'll continue to work on upcoming features like introducing task groups and projects and working on the micro-interactions. Also thinking about the business model of the app is crucial.