Saving Time At The Doctor's Office



CLINICA is an app that lets you schedule a doctor's visit, store your medical records and share them with your doctor later.

Being the sole product designer of CLINICA was a very exciting challenge.

Role: UX Design, UI Design, Prototyping, Market Research

Team: Engineers & client (PO)

Country: Egypt


Competitive Feature Market Analysis

Analyzing the features of the competitors provides 2 key insights:

  1. Paying by credit card was a feature everybody has so it stands to reason that CLINICA will have it as well.

  2. Sharing and storing medical records were features almost no one has. This presented an opportunity for a competitive edge for CLINICA, or it could pose a threat as to the reason why no one has these features.

MVP Features
Mapping The User Flows

01 Signing up, and first impressions:

The sign up flow has the option to let the user skip sign up altogether to take a tour in the app first and get to see the services and clinics available before committing to joining CLINICA.


02 Booking An Appointment:

Booking an appointment is a crucial flow to get right in the app. Users can book an appointment at any clinic they choose. They can use the search bar to find a clinic if they already know its name or they can access the category screen to go through the different categories.

Branding And Logo

The logo is created by the intersection of 2 lines angled at 45 degrees and 3 circles, each of which has a diameter of 2/3 the previous one's. This way the golden ratio, coupled with the 45 angles can give a harmonious feel to the logo's aesthetics.

UI And Final Outcome

From UI To Prototyping

Prototyping helps a lot in visualizing the interactions and user flows more clearly. Figma's smart animate is a game-changer because it allows for the creation of relatively complex animations and transitions very quickly.

Some Resources That Helped Me Along The Way:

  • Designing with the mind in mind by Jeff Johnson. This book is an amazing holistic look at UI principles.

  • COOLORS app. A great asset to any designer for coming up with beautiful color palettes.

  • iOS human interface guidelines.